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The Art of the Perfect Italian Sub
September 10, 2018 greekchef

The Art of the Perfect Italian Sub

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The Art of the Perfect Italian Sub

Italian SubIf you are from Florida, you might call your Italian sub a “hoagie.” If you are from the great city of New York, you might call it a “perfect hero” while guys from the New Orleans area prefer to call it a “po’boy.” No matter where you come from and what you call it, we can all agree to the fact that Italian subs, which are also referred to as sandwiches, are a timeless and classic meal that has been a staple in a majority of Italian sandwich shops throughout Florida for some many years.

It is true that no two places will make the Italian sub the same way, but we can’t deny the fact that they is only one way of crafting a stellar Italian sandwich. There are some essential that can’t miss in your sandwich if you are looking for a true and authentic Italian sub catering experience and don’t forget that you can order your favorite sandwich online from Your Greek Chef Catering.

The Meat

The meat that goes into your sandwich is perhaps the most important thing. Make sure that your meat is pure cured Italian meat for a greater experience. However, don’t stuff it with a lot of meat since that can be unhealthy. Make sure that your meat is sliced thinly and evenly. You need to remember the fact that texture is everything when it comes to preparing a perfect Italian sub. Our suggestion for this option is mortadella.

The Cheese

We are not going to spend a lot of time discussing the cheese since this is quite straightforward. The only cheese that should go into your sandwich is provolone and nothing else. Just like your preferred meats, make sure that your cheese is also thinly sliced.

The Lettuce

The iceberg lettuce is always an excellent choice for your Italian sub. Keep in mind that when preparing your perfect Italian sub, you will want lettuce with some valuable crunch to make it taste great. Resist the temptation of throwing everything in the packs since it is always in your best interest to leave the greens out.

The Onions

While some people will hate the idea of eating an Italian sub full of onions, experts agree that onions make your sub more sumptuous. However, make sure that the onions are sliced thin, and they should also be soaked in ice water for some time before you use them. The primary reason why you need to soak them in ice water is to help cool their raw bite. Try this, and it might change your negative perception about onions on your Italian sub.

Other additions

For our case, we will consider tomatoes to be a great addition to your Italian sub. The tomatoes will help transform your sub and make it more delightful. You shouldn’t also miss the opportunity to enjoy the numerous healthy nutrients supplied by the tomatoes.

The house dressing

This is the final piece of your puzzle. You cannot skip the house dressing since it is the final touch that will complement all the other ingredients. You can use red wine vinegar and some olive oil to dress your Italian sub, and everything will be perfect.

There you go. That is now the perfect Italian sub that you can enjoy. Give it a shot and feel its great taste. Alternatively, order your perfect Italian sub from Your Greek Chef Catering today and experience the difference.