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How to Organize a Classy Cocktail Party in Florida
August 29, 2018 greekchef

How to Organize a Classy Cocktail Party in Florida

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How to Organize a Classy Cocktail Party in Florida

Miami cateringAre you planning to throw a cocktail party for your friends or employees in Florida? You need to do everything possible to make it a memorable experience for your guests. Although you don’t need to be an absolute perfectionist to organize a cool cocktail party, it takes a great level of expertise and finesse. During your party pre-planning stage, you will need to seek the services of other people such as a Miami catering company that will help you to organize an unforgettable cocktail party.

The secret to hosting a perfect cocktail party in Florida is planning. If you are looking for some great tips to help you pull off a perfect cocktail party without mistakes, you are in the right place. Read on to find out what to do and what not to do to make your guests enjoy and love the experience.

Prepare a Guest List

This is the first thing that you need to do while planning your cocktail party and you should be very careful about who you invite to your party. If it is a personal, informal cocktail party, you are at liberty to leave out the people that you don’t like. Don’t invite people to your party just because you have to. Typically, a personal, informal cocktail party should have few guests, and the guests should be the people that you like to spend some quality time with. However, if you are organizing a corporate cocktail night, make sure that you invite every important person so that you don’t get off on the wrong foot with other people.

Get Some Help

It is good to appreciate the fact that you can’t manage everything on your own. You will need some help to make everything perfect. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask some friends and family members to help you handle some tasks. If you can’t get help from your friends and family members, make sure that you hire out the work. For instance, you can hire a Miami catering company to handle food and drink planning on your behalf. A significant number of catering companies in Florida also provide bartending services.

Party Timing Is Also Critical

It is good to remember the fact that most cocktail parties don’t usually include dinner; therefore, it is always a nice idea to kickoff the party slightly after dinner time. Remember to include the exact time that the party will begin and end on the invitation cards that you send out. A good time to start your evening cocktail party is at around 7:00 pm. Since the most recommended timeframe for such a party is between two and three hours, a good time to end it would be either 9:00 p.m or 10:00 p.m. You should also keep in mind that a significant number of such parties in Florida take place on Friday or Saturday evening since the majority of people don’t work over the weekends.

Remember to Have a Signature Cocktail

This might be the most critical part of your cocktail party. One of the best ways to make people remember your party and appreciate your excellent work is by having a signature cocktail for the day. This doesn’t have to be an expensive drink but choose a good drink and order a big batch of it. This is always a good welcoming treat, and it also helps to bring everyone together as they sip the same cocktail.