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Your Greek Chef’s signature Frappe
October 1, 2018 greekchef

Your Greek Chef’s signature Frappe

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Your Greek Chef’s signature frappé

Here Is What You Need to Know About the Original Greek Iced Coffee

Are you a lover of the legendary Greek iced coffee? Have you ever wondered how it came to be and how it evolved to become a critical part of the Greek summer? Do you wish to enjoy your iced coffee like a local? Well, you are in the right place since we have gathered valuable information about this favorite drink that you will enjoy reading. This article covers everything that you need to know about the original Greek iced coffee.

The Invention

Long before the freddo cappuccinos and the iced lattes, there was only one Nescafe Frappe, the traditional Greek iced coffee. For many years, both the locals and visitors have always associated the Greek summer with the iconic iced-coffee.  To this day, iced-coffee remains the most served coffee drink in Greek available everywhere- from the low-end downtown restaurants to the high-end five-star hotels.  The drink is also cherished in other parts of the world. But, the big question remains, where did this chilled-world wonder come from? Who was the brain behind this amazing drink?

The Nescafe Frappe was discovered more than six decades ago during the 1957 Thessaloniki Trade Fair.  During one hot summer day, Dimitris Vakondios, a devoted employee of Nestle Company intended to prepare his favorite cup of Nescafe Classic, but he was unable to find any hot water. Although the story might have ended there, something else was happening that attracted his attention.

The company was in the process of demonstrating a newly invented chocolate milk preparation for young kids that used a shaker. This is where Vakondios’s saw the opportunity to make something new and unique. During the break, he took the shaker and mixed up his Nescafe with some cold water, and that is how the Frappe was born. The people who were in the hall at that time tasted the new drink and they all enjoyed it, and soon the entire nation was also enjoying Frappes. When the tourists began to arrive in Greece, they also tested the drink, enjoyed it, and carried some of it back home, and that is how it spread all over the world.

Enjoy it like a Local

While most novices tend to think that frappe is all about adding Nescafe to cold water, the truth is that there is much more to it. The initial step of mixing the coffee with an appropriate amount of cold water is critical to forming the froth that is usually characteristic of a typical frappe. A frappe without froth can only be compared to a soft-drink without the fizz. Nobody wants to imagine such a situation. How you enjoy your frappe largely depends on how you prepare it.

Don’t Be in a Hurry

Greeks are always known for taking their sweet time over coffees, and the frappes are no different. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your iced-coffee like a local, you need to learn how to take it slow. You can enjoy your frappe as you relax reading your favorite novel or invite friends and enjoy it over a long discussion.  This is how the Greeks do it, and that is how you should do it!

Your Greek Chef's Twist on the classic recipe!

1 tablespoon of Nescafé
1 tablespoon of sugar
10 ounces of water
3 tablespoons of milk
1 scoop vanilla ice cream


Nescafe Greek Frappe