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From spinach dip to Hummus, Kopanisti, and Tzatziki dips, Your Greek Chef crafts healthy, delicious, and crowd-pleasing dips options for all of your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are celebrating your anniversary or you are hosting a corporate event at your workplace, we shall always be there to offer you the best dips catering experience. If you want to bring something unique to your next party or event, then Your Greek Chef dips are a crowd-favorite that you can’t afford to ignore. All our dips are affordable and have been prepared using locally sourced ingredients that are fresh and healthy.

Try our dips today to experience the difference. Our dips menu features:

We Add Your Favorite Veggies to Our Dips

Our chefs understand the fact that veggies are always a great hit at parties and events and that is why our dips feature vegetables prominently. Unlike the common dips from other caterers in Florida that you may be used to, Your Greek Chef Catering offers you low-fat dips that won’t increase your fat intake at all. We can also customize your favorite dip and add a low-fat variety that you prefer by letting us know. We are here to make you feel comfortable and to ensure that you enjoy our meals without worrying about your health.

Are You a Hummus Lover? We Got You Covered

Our dips feature American, Italian, Latin American, and also Mediterranean cuisines so you can be sure to enjoy authentic hummus from the Mediterranean region. Our Hummus dips are mainly prepared from chickpeas which mean that you can also use it as an entrée or side dish. We can also modify the taste of your hummus by adding other low-fat and fresh ingredients such as red pepper, lemon, and other spices.