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Office Party Planning and Catering Checklist
September 21, 2018 greekchef

Office Party Planning and Catering Checklist

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Corporate catering planning and office party checklist

Corporate catering

Are you planning to throw an office party to celebrate your company’s success or boost your employee’s morale? Well, that is a nice thing to do, and you need to start planning early to ensure that it becomes a big a success. Organizing an office party offers your team a perfect opportunity to relax and socialize with their colleagues in a less formal environment.

Office parties are always the best events you can use to bring together all your staff, show your appreciation, and celebrate the year’s success. However, organizing a great office party requires careful coordination and thorough planning. We have come up with a simple checklist of the critical tasks that you need to accomplish to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Set Your Budget

The first thing that you need to do is to establish how much you are willing to spend on the office party. This will determine the items that you need to factor in your party. If you are organizing a large event, then you will need a substantial amount of money.

For instance, if you are throwing an office Christmas party, you will need to take into consideration decorations, corporate catering, alcohol delivery, and other fun activities that will keep the event going. Come up with your budget and submit it to the relevant authority at least one month prior to your party. This is essential since you may realize that some items on your budget aren’t approved hence the need to readjust it.

Set the Date

This is also basic, but it also needs to be done early. If you want a good turn out, you have to let your guests know in advance so that they can plan for it. Don’t commit the mistake of informing people about the planned office party a few days to the actual date since you might end up attending the party alone. You need to remember the fact that everything else you do leading to your office party will largely depend on the date.

Decide the Guest List

Apart from the company employees, decide who else you want to invite to your office party. This can be your strategic partners or some of your most loyal clients. Although this doesn’t have to be finalized so early in the party planning process, it is good to have an idea of who you want to invite. The moment, you move to the other details of your planning process, you will need to know how many people will be in attendance.

Order Catering

The best way to keep food under control during your office party is to hire the services of a trusted corporate catering company such as Your Greek Chef. Contact your preferred caterer as soon as possible to book their services on that particular day.  Doing so ensures that they will be available to work with you on your chosen date and you will also have plenty of time to share the unique ideas you want to include on your menu. They will have sufficient time to do their thing and turn your event into something memorable.

Choose Your Theme

Now that you have got some experts in your team, talk to them to help you craft an ideal theme for your office party. The theme should suit what your company stands for. The good thing is that these are experienced professionals and most likely, they will have a good way of turning your vision into reality.

Plan Your Entertainment

How do you want your employees and guests to be entertained? If you are considering a DJ or live band, try your best to capture the top entertainers. You should also try to consult your employees to see if anyone is a member of a live band that can offer good entertainment. You can also consider asking the local community groups to perform.

Don’t Forget About the Dress Code

How do you want people to dress on that day? Do you want them to come dressed in official, casual, or something in between? Your decision on dress code should be based on your party theme, venue, and also budget. Make sure that you communicate the information to your employees and guests as soon as possible.