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Tips for Making Your Family Reunion a Success
September 17, 2018 greekchef

Tips for Making Your Family Reunion a Success

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Tips for Making Your Family Reunion a Success

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Family reunions are incredible events that help us to reflect on the richness of our family heritage. However, what was originally a one-day event that was usually held in a local park or recreational center has evolved over the years to become more complex and demanding.

Today, families are traveling around the world, visiting grand hotels and taking part in exotic vacations. Planning a successful family reunion in Boynton Beach can be an overwhelming task since there are lots of decisions that you have to make. We have put together some great tips that will help you make your family reunion super fun and enjoyable.

Plan Ahead

Keep in mind that family reunions can last for a day, weekend, or several days depending upon schedules and available resources. The first thing that you need to do is to pick a date and location for your reunion. You should also come up with an organizational committee and determine the scope of your family reunion. It doesn’t hurt to start your preparations at least six months in advance.

Ask yourself whether it will be a smaller affair consisting of only your immediate family members or will every single member of the extended family be invited? If you are planning an extended family reunion, seek the advice of other people on the appropriate time of the year, budget, location, and venue type. You should also consider setting up a dedicated email address, phone number, and even a Whatsapp group for the reunion.

Create a Single Command Center

A family reunion, whether small or large, usually generates a lot of paperwork. Even with the various subcommittees, the chairperson steering the family reunion will still need copies of pertinent information such as updated registration information, contracts with food vendors and Boynton Beach catering services, and all the financial details.

All critical documents must be managed from a single point to avoid confusion and conflicts. You can choose to keep all the documents in a single file folder or separate folders for each subcommittee. Always keep your records organized for easy reference.

Choose a Perfect Venue

The venue you choose will also play a critical part in determining the success of your reunion. There are lots of options to choose from depending on the nature of your reunion party. You can host the party in someone’s house if the group size isn’t too large.

The other option that you have is a park. Luckily, there are lots of family-friendly parks in Boynton Beach such as Jaycee Park. Located right on the Intracoastal Waterway, the park features a completely fenced playground with an area for both crawlers and big kids to play.

This is a wonderful place to host your family reunion. The Boynton Beach catering service will be there to ensure that you have enough bonding time as a family without worrying about your meals and after party cleanup. Contact Your Greek Chef today to discuss your next catered reunion. The park is also safe, comfortable and easily accessible.

Know Your Budget

Family reunion expenses can add up so quickly. Try to keep your costs down or try as much as possible to give the family members plenty of time to raise the required amount of money. If you anticipate that your family reunion budget will be too high, provide a 12 to 18-month notice so that people can feature it into their budgets.

Give an idea of the estimated overall cost in the first email that you sent out. If you are organizing an expensive family reunion such as a family holiday overseas, then you should provide an option for monthly payments. Send out a message requesting every family member to pitch for an appropriate amount of money that can be set as monthly payment towards the reunion.